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Kenma was standing in the hallway next to the gym, phone in his hand, playing some game to keep himself busy before his match was scheduled tos tart. He never really felt nervous very often, but he was today for some reason. Maybe it was because he knew Manami going to be there?

Of course, he had never really felt nervous when he was playing against Shoyo, even as he watched his friend evolve as a player. He never felt nervous when anyone he knew watched him play, but here he was, feeling a little anxious about his game. Maybe it was because Minami hadn't ever come to a game before. He didn't want to fail at his game the first time someone was seeing him play.

He was still in his tracksuit, standing against the wall, semi-watching others on his team as he played a game on his phone. He was watching the battery die slowly but surely, and that was okay. The only people messaging him was Shoyo, and he let him know that he was about to be out the rest of the day because games.

He heard Kuroo and Lev's voices as they approached him, and Kuroo swung an arm over Kenma's shoulder. "Hey hey get ready to play! You're starting."

Kenma nodded, shifting away from the touch. He sent Minami a text. Game about to start. Hopefully it isn't boring.

He shifted, tugging off his tracksuit, and stood there in his uniform - red and black with a number five on him. He had on his kneepads, ready underneath the warm suit.

He felt cold. And a little annoyed. He usually felt that before a game.

He moved into the gym beside Kuroo. Behind him was Lev. Both were considerably taller than him.

He looked down at his phone and sent another message: Number 5.

Not that he didn't think Minami would recognize him. He put his phone at his side in one hand as he looked up into the crowd.


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